Croc farm | Working Holidays on Croc farms

Visit a Crocodile farm and experience salties up close.  Croc farms in NT and Northern QLD often have available jobs for croc farm working holidays outside of the main tourist areas of Cairns and Rockhampton. Find information on places to stay including backpacker hostels and hotels and what sort of travel visas you might need.

Crocodile attacks are quite comon in northern Australia. The victims are usually pets or farm livestock, but there are numerous unfortunate stories about fatal or near fatal attacks on humans. The Australian Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus) can be found all across the northern portion of Australia including North Queensland and the Northern Territory. These animals are large, agressive and very strong.

Croc farms aim to help educate the public about these magnificent creatures and help enable a more harmonious co-existance and help visitors from overseas (be them backpackers looking for working holiday jobs or tourists enjoying a lucury tour of this great country) learn about these wonderful reptiles. We’ll also help providinbg information on where to stay including backpacking hostels, hotels and other accommodation throughout Darwin, the Northern Territory, Nth Queensland (inc Cairns) and beyond.

“Salties”, as they are called by Australians, are the largest reptile in the world when it comes to mass. It is not uncommon for an Australian Saltwater Crocodile to weight over 1,000 kg. The Australian Saltwater Crocodile also has the largest recorded length of any crocodile in the world. Male Salties can reach a length of 6 or 7 meters, although the average length is 5 meters. The jaw of an Australian Saltwater Crocodile is incredibly strong and has the ability to exert several tons of pressure during a bite. Their diet mainly consists of fish, turtles, small reptiles, and birds, but they are also capable of taking down much bigger prey such as buffaloes, wild pigs, cattle, and horses. Despite their name the Australian Saltwater Crocodile can live in several different environments; they are commonly found in the brackish water near the coast, but they are equally as comfortable in fresh water or salt water.

Australian Saltwater Crocodiles are by far the most dangerous animals in Australia. But crocodile attacks can be easily prevented by following some simple tips. It is very important to observe crocodile warning signs. If there is no sign posted do not automatically assume that the area is safe for wading or swimming. Most crocodile attacks happen in deep, still or muddy waters- these areas should be avoided. Stay away from the water’s edge when walking, fishing, or camping. Being near the water’s edge makes a person an easy target for a crocodile. Fisherman should not clean their catches near the water, or throw out fish scaps near the water. Arms and legs should never be dangled off the edge of a fishing boat. If a crocodile sliding mak is observed leave the area immediately. Never hang out in an area where animals or livestock drink- this is a prime spot for a crocodile to hang out at. Do not feed the Australian Saltwater Crocodile; infact stay away from them all together and do not harass or provoke them. Australian Saltwater Crocodiles are naturally very agressive and territorial, but agressive behavior peaks during the mating season which happens from May to September.

Unfortunatley people do not always follow these rules when it comes to Australian Saltwater Crocodiles. An average of 1 to 2 people a year are killed by these huge reptiles, and several more are seriously injured. These attacks are easily avoidable, so when traveling in northern Australia respect the crocodile and stay away from it and places that it inhabits and if you want to see one up close, visit a croc farm instead.

Many people come to Australia looking for short term work on a croc farm as part of a working holiday.  If you are looking to work on a croc farm and have the right travel visa then let us know and we will see if we can put you in the right direction.